Ten-Arcs Project

A study of number of 9-arcs and 10-arcs in the present in the projective plane.

View the Ten-Arcs homepage, or our Mathfest 2015 presentation.

Take a look at us on the SUMRY 2015 website and the 2015 Ohio State Young Mathematicians' Conference Program.


Counting Arcs in the Projective Plane via Glynn's Algorithm

The Number of 10-Arcs in the Projective Plane over a Finite Field is not Quasipolynomial

Counting Hamiltonian Cycles

I studied ways to count and construct Hamiltonian cycles in dense, regular directed graphs in my BS Applied Math senior thesis project, under the supervision of Professor Asaf Ferber:


Iterated Function Systems

A project on analyzing time-series data from oscillatory systems using ideas from fractal geometry, in collaboration with the incomparable Professor Michael Frame, Hannah Otis, and Noelle Thew:

Project outline

SUMRY 2013 Presentation


I worked for a summer at the Yale Center for Genomics and Proteomics.

Together with Una Boyle, I also produced this literature review on a related, interesting topic (creating gene expression neworks using Bayesian hierarchical modeling)!

Just For Fun

I have been known to teach lots of classes for Splash at Yale.

I also paint things, on occasion.